These are the workshops that we offer on a regular basis at various locations. Please check our events calendar for upcoming special events and workshops in your area. All workshops are designed to offer evidence based information that give families valuable, tangible information in a fun and interactive format.



 Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline

Provides parents with skills and tools to use instead of yelling, threatening or hitting. You’ll learn how to use natural & logical consequences, how to encourage autonomy, how to build healthy self-esteem and how to use developmental and age appropriateness.





 Terrific Toddlers

Terrific Toddlers

This is a time when many parents become frustrated with their children and children become frustrated with parents. This workshop explores why the toddler years can be so terrible, what toddler’s are able to do and understand, discipline for toddlers, ways to encouraging autonomy and provides you with tools to make the toddler years terrific.





Picturesque Preschoolers

This workshop explores the world of a preschooler. Parents will learn what preschoolers can do and understand, discipline for preschoolers and ways to encourage self-esteem, autonomy and make the preschool years more enjoyable.






Peaceful Parenting

This workshop asks parents to look inward to identify personal triggers. Parents learn ways to create mindfulness, ways to avoid boiling over and to increase positive thoughts. The goal is to help parents learn ways to combat parental stress so they can enjoy parenting more.






Parenting my Spirited Child

This workshop helps parents learn about spirited children, discover how temperament plays a part in your child’s behaviour, learn gentle discipline techniques and learn why they work well with Spirited Children and helps you plan for success.






Parenting Together

Helps parents to discover and understand each-other’s parenting styles, see the benefits that each parenting style can offer, learn ways to create a Culture of Appreciation and learn new skills for parenting together.






For workshop dates, location, and to register, please see the calendar of events on the homepage.