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MORE Program – Parenting Your Spirited Child


The Parenting your Spirited Child

MORE Program 

Because parenting MORE takes MORE!

 While each child is unique, there are some distinct characteristics in which MORE is very apparent in spirited children. Spirited Children are often MORE Intense, Persistent, Sensitive, Perceptive and have more difficulty with transitions.

 “A highly interactive, practical and foundational program designed to provide you with all the parenting basics you need to parent your spirited child and get you results FAST!”

 Do you find yourself saying:

I don’t know what to do anymore. Nothing works!”

 Have you read lots of great parenting books, but they’ve done little to change your daily experience with your child?

  • Do Time outs and punishing for the bad behavior accomplishing nothing and often make the situation worse?
  • Do you feel like all the parenting advice you get from friends and family doesn’t work with your child?
  • Do you just want to know what to do when they do what they do?
  • Are you frustrated because you feel you don’t have the tools to parent this child?
  • Are you sad because sometimes you resent your child or wish for the child you had dreamed about having?
  • Would you love to understand your child better and be able to teach him/her to control their strong reactions?

 4 weeks – 1 one-on-one Coaching Call – 16 Topics & Assignments – Cost $150 (Value $850)

 Program Overview:

  • 16 daily topics & assignments (Mondays through Thursdays, over a 4-week period)
  • 1 – one-on-one Coaching Q & A Call (on Google Hangouts)
  • An active Facebook group with daily support from Sarah, as well as all the participants
  • Life time access to the program and Facebook group

Additional Program Information:

  • The daily assignments start Monday Feb 2nd
  • Each student will receive 1 one-on-one coaching call after they have completed the program
  • You’ll be added to a Facebook group exclusive to the participants of YOUR group a few days before the program starts, and you will receive daily support from Sarah throughout the program. The group will remain active afterwards so you can continue to connect with and get the support from the other participants.
Weekly Themes:
  • Week 1 Knowing and Accepting Your Child:  In the first week we look at what Spiritness is, what temperamental traits your child has, introversion versus extroversion and how this all affects how our children behave.
  • Week 2 Parenting MORE takes MORE: In the second week we look at us as parents. What we thought parenthood would be like, what it’s really like parenting a spirited child, letting go of all the negative junk we let build up in our relationship when things aren’t what we wanted or as easy as we thought.
  • Week 3 Teaching Emotion Regulation: In week third we look at ways that we can teach emotion regulation – tools, books, videos and skills are all explored.
  • Week 4 Discipline for Spirited Children: In week four we dive into discipline that works for spirited children and how they learn rules a bit differently from other kids. We focus on Positive Discipline tools and look at setting limits and following through with consequences too.
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